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Wagasana, greeting the day with gratefulness and curiosity!

Have you had a doga moment today!


Enjoy the Journey while creating your own ... with gratefulness

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Giving and Receiving: Gratefulness and Acceptance are powerful magnets. Accepting gifts and compliments gracefully with a smile is prosperity and confidence, knowing we deserve it. Graciously receiving and giving gifts when you can will create a positive trickling effect on the planet. No gift is too big or small. Can you volunteer with your pet for an hour in a nursing home? Perhaps you can read to children in the hospital. You decide what gifts you have to share ... how you can make a difference; it will come back to you tenfold.

Gossip (becoming an effective communicator): Gossip is global. Sharing only good news is a myth. We are barraged (media) everyday with bad news and ratings go up! We can choose to listen, be educated and look for ways to make a difference or help. We can turn it off and switch to more enlightening, pleasant news. Gossip is everywhere; the workplace, grocery store (with people we don't even know) and between family and friends. Is the gossip connective, informative or malicious? What is the intention when we enter into conversation about someone's else's life? That's the difference. We feel connected to others when we talk about what's going on. Being human, we feel good when others feel good, sad when they are sad (or should). Conversely, many people feel good when others feel badly. Getting caught up in it or changing it to match your story will not serve any good and can harm someone's well-being. Gossip can change and grow in the chain of transmission, becoming embellished into a drama that isn't true. Becoming an effective communicator can help you learn new information and offer it to others in a way that increases well-being. If you feel that someone is gossiping to make themselves feel good at someone else's expense, or that the gossip isn't true, then clarify it or walk away. Smile and say, "Thanks for the insight" without any other response. You could ask "Is this true and how do you know for sure?" Be mindful that people create stories from their own perspectives, not yours.

Graceful: A dancer can show grace in beauty of movement, style, form, or execution. We often hear the phrase "grow old gracefully." I'm not sure I know what that means anymore then hearing someone say "you are a certain age so should act more mature." Shouldn't we live gracefully every day and as we are as individual beings? You decide. I have watched a dog dig fast and furious, find his bone and gracefully walk off. My Angel Greyhound, Tia, I know for sure is gracefully Prancing in the Sky. Tia could steal a donut in a room full of people, or patiently wait while looking angelic, then get it! The next time you are upset or angry at someone, think of a elegant way to put them in their place. My favorite after someone has told me what I've done or haven't done right is, "thank you for sharing that with me." If it is meaningful enough, I add, "now, can I share something that might help you?" AHH ...

Grateful: We have heard Oprah talk for years about being grateful. She has had hundreds of authors who write about being gratefully. At one point, I thought if I heard the word grateful uttered one more time I would throw-up. Ya know what? It is true and it works. Going to bed at night with grateful thoughts makes awakening in the morning a better day. Being grateful for little things like socks that keep our feet warm, or dogs who put up with all of our quirks, makes appreciating big "gratefuls" even better. Life is short, shorter for our dogs. Appreciating every moment, knowing that it is not a dress rehearsal, is a strong lesson in living and learning to the fullest with our dogs and others.

Grieving: Grieving takes on a life of it’s own for each individual. Each culture and species mourns loss differently. When we lose a beloved friend, family member or pet, or grieve for global loss, what may help is to consider balancing this grieve with celebration. Many cultures celebrate life at the time of death. Many believe that this is our moment of enlightenment. There is a roller coaster of emotions that we process; some take longer than others. Trying to focus on the positive memories, and letting go of the negative, how much this person or pet meant to us or taught us, helps to create a inner sense of strength and peace. We can go on, knowing that the energy (spirit if you will) of that being is always with us.

Growing (Glowing): When we learn something new,  big or small, we glow. Watch a child who learns how to tie a shoelace. Observe a puppy who happily eliminates outside for the first time without making a mistake in the house first. They wag themselves in half when we praise them.  Growing is physical, emotional and spiritual. Today, I choose to grow (and glow) in good health, thought and feelings towards others. I will spend some time admiring my dogs and other people’s good qualities. I will look in the mirror with a positively appraising eye admiring every wrinkle, gray hair, bulge, muffin middle or crooked tooth. I look around and glow at what I have accomplished.

Guilt (be gone): I do not believe in guilt. It is a cannon ball tied to the ankle. As children, we are manipulated through guilt. As adults, media can hypnotize us into thinking we are not "whole" if we don't have this or that. Choosing to forgive and let go, from child hood on up, I love and accept myself unconditionally, just as my dogs do. They taught me this more than any doctrine, mis-guided adult or Internet. Flow freely knowing that you can accept who you are, let go, grow and glow with your favorite color Chakra or Aura.

Happiness: Happiness is a fuzzy concept and can mean many things to many people. Part of the challenge of defining happiness is to identify what makes “us” feel happy as individuals, not what “others” or the “media’ says should make us happy. Some people are happy all the time, while others are happy, but appear to be living life with spiked shackles on their ankles. Who is to judge? Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. A variety of biological, psychological and philosophical approaches have striven to define happiness and identify its sources. Various research groups even scan our brains to determine what lightens up in the happiness section. The endeavor is to apply a scientific method to answer the question of “what is happiness?” Sounding like Siri, on an iPhone, “Okay, if that works for you.”

Philosophers and religious thinkers often define happiness as a way of being rather than an emotion. Happiness ranges from euphoric to a slight smile every couple of months, depending on the individual and their chosen lifestyle. For some, having a good bathroom experience is happiness. The prune juice is working. Does a new pair of Skechers, on sale, make you happy or watching your dog enjoy a romp in the yard, or both?  

What is the point you might be asking? Good point! An unhappy person and a happy one will have different perceptions of the same circumstances. The difference lies not in the circumstances but in the two states of life, living and the perception of happiness.

A wise Chinese proverb shares, “Guessing is cheap, guessing wrong is expensive.” Maybe we guess too much about what  joy or happiness is for ourselves and others. I don’t have the answer. All I know is, as I age, get wiser, and care less about what “others” say will make me happy, I feel, well, happier! What makes you happy? That’s all that matters.

Healing: Living in balance is not easy these days. It seems that the more electronic gadgets we have, the less time to simply relax. If we use this, we'll become better. Is this true for you? Being open and receptive to the healing powers of universal energy, every cell in your body can heal itself. Trust your body. Listen to your heart. How do you feel? What do you need? Nurturing our mind, body and spirit isn't foo foo or woo woo, it's vital. Live in balance with wholesome nutrition, exercise and compassion for yourself. Every day take some time, even 30-minutes, to shut off the cell-phone, TV and Laptop to sit quietly with your dog. I enjoy brushing them. It relaxes me. What relaxes you? Only you can create that moment of refuge, but first YOU need to know that you need and deserve it.

Holidays: I love and hate holidays at the same time. Strong words, but I am learning to create a Holiday Balance. Balancing what I do with my time-off or Holiday time brings serenity. I shop for what I can afford, putting meaningful thought into what the receiver will be getting. Looking at time off as being spent a little here, a little there and spending time with my dogs and self is important to me. Now that I have boundaries, that include healthy compromise, I can celebrate and enjoy holiday gatherings without feeling stressed out. I know how to have a good time, not let anyone invade my good time, and be responsible and safe. I want to leave gatherings feeling renewed, not sapped of my energy, so I protect myself with my own personal shield. Before going to a particular, stressful gathering, take time to breathe and imagine your own shield. No-one is allowed to permeate it. You can answer questions you want to, and smile, and not answer ones you don't. Pleasantly, you can leave when you are ready too.

Humor: There is nothing like a guttural, genuine laugh. Giggle to your heart’s content, and to good health. Laughing produces feel-good hormones. Careful humor can lighten up any situation. Learn to use your humor lovingly and wisely. I love to laugh out loud with my dogs or friends. Cherish those moments when you can't stop laughing ... laughing until tears of joy flow. Physiologically, laughing releases negative energy and stress. It gives the body a chance to let go, bringing balance into harmony. Smile at yourself every morning in the mirror while toothpaste runs down your chin or mouthwash out of your nose. Watch your dogs playing silly. Carry that light spirit throughout the day and whenever stress seems to take over, breathe. Life will happen with or without us. Choosing well-being, joy and a smile can lift the spirit. It has a trickling effect on others. At the end of the day, what really matters?




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