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Wagasana, greeting the day

 with gratefulness and curiosity!

Have you had a doga moment today?


Meditations U - Z

Unconditional Love      Understanding      Uniqueness      Universe      Vision      Wait       Wisdom

I have created a life of stepping out of the box of people’s limitations.  

I call it zigging when others are zagging. Oprah

Unconditional Love (accepting ourselves and our dogs as is): I accept myself and my dog as is for a complete day! That's a good beginning. Dogs give us a kind of unconditional love, although, as a species they have conditions. They accept our flaws and imperfections. They withstand our mis-communication. Opening my eyes, I can learn from them, creating a new awareness. "I will love you if" is not truly love in the purest form. It is more like control. If you stay home all day and don't chew the house, I will give you a bone (dog). If you buy me a diamond ring, I will give you a back rub (partner). Tap into your unconditional love by doing one thing every day that is not required, expected or has to have something given back in return. Do this for your self too - with respect and boundaries.  

Understanding: I can learn something new every day. I open my eyes to awareness of what is going on around me. I am grateful for my life, family, friends and my dog. When I open my mind and heart, like a child playing in a sand box or a puppy digging a hole, I discover new insights, new viewpoints, and new ways of understanding the process of life and how things work so well. My understanding comes from my perception. I am open to another’s perception, while still honoring my own.  

Uniqueness (no competition, no comparison -- we are all individuals): Our DNA is uniquely our own. Even our parents and grandparents only share a portion of their DNA with us. The mix is like no other. Each puppy in a litter of 12 is uniquely individual. We may share some traits, beliefs, taught conditions, but in the big picture we can create our destiny. Our thoughts become our words. Our words become our actions. Our actions become destiny. Find something uniquely special about yourself and your dog everyday. Maybe it is an expression, a skill, a sense of humor. Capture that essence and let it grow and glow.

Universe: Wow is a phrase that comes to mind. We are but an infinitesimal spec in this big galaxy. Trusting that there is a plan for us is not easy. Anxiety about plans and stuff usually comes from our fears that something unpleasant will happen. When we allow these concerns to take hold, we panic. We stop living in the moment. In reality, it is the only time we have. We begin to base our thoughts on something that may not be real. Ask yourself "Is it true?" The Universe will not abandon us. It allows us to remain present to what is actually going on in our lives; instead of worrying, we are able to fully and calmly exist in the moment. We can enjoy the now. Finding peace of mind is easier for some then others, but not out of anyone's reach if you simply ask. Clear the clutter, clear your mind, take a walk and ask for help. The answers will come … possibly form the dog if we are paying attention.  

Vision: With love, I see clearly in all directions. A bend in a road is not the end of the road, but a new path. Learning from past experiences helps to create positive and successful new ones. Our dogs have peripheral (all around) vision. I can learn from watching my dog, imagining what they see. When I am communicating with them in an understanding way, I can wisely see through their eyes.

Wait: To stay in place in expectation of “anything” can be difficult for many of us. We can be impatient. On the one hand we are reminded daily of how short life can be. On the other hand, rushing around spewing energy in all directions, without any focus, can be deleterious. Teaching ourselves and our dogs to wait is simply to “pause” for something good to come. Stay and wait have slightly different meanings. Stay means don’t move for awhile or until I call you. Wait means we are on the move, then pausing at a specific point or doorway. It is like dancing in rhythm with the dog.     

Wisdom (Guides and mentors): So valuable. I have had many guides and mentors in my life, some better than others. I accept their wisdom with gratitude - then choose to use it or not for my unique journey. Those who have carved the path before us can help us make fewer mistakes. Listen to our intuition and try. If it doesn’t happen, then maybe I didn't need the answer, thing or goal in the first place.

Sitting with your dog, take in a deep belly breath to the count of 4, 3, 2, 1 hold, exhale 4, 3, 2, 1, hold. Do this a few times, imaging your refuge, dog by your side. When you are ready, send your questions to the universe. Watch - because oftentimes the dog will watch - the energy flows out. Respect the universe, and the mentors of wisdom, but decide what is best for you and your dog! Raw meat may be for one dog and singing may be for your friend. Cooked meat and veggies may be healthier for your dog and writing a book may be your calling. Only you can decide with the information you have.