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Wagasana, greeting the day with gratefulness and curiosity!

Have you had a doga moment today!


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We can help ourselves and our dogs by trusting that what we have learned can guide us in the future.  Living in the present moment is the most empowering place to learn.

A meditative and reflective state (calm) can have an impact on the choices we make today and tomorrow.  Contemplate using your energy for what is important.  

The easiest way to ensure that our forward momentum is maintained is to explore the past and how we overcame adversity.  What slowed you down?  Are you willing to allow it to slow you down now?  Our histories offer us lessons of encouragement.  Reflecting upon what has passed gives valuable insights into what is yet to come.  We tend to behave in accordance with established patterns.  They do not own us!  When we gather information, we set a path for where we want to be using informed decisions.  Will our current habits / patterns take us where we want to go?  Maybe it’s time to change directions.  A bus can reach a destination on many routes.  

A meditative mood with our dogs by our side can be a catalyst that prompts us to look within for answers we are seeking.  Dogs are natural seekers.  We can learn from this.   

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Dogs are natural healers

Let it happen, reflect, learn, let it go - like dogs do!