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Wagasana, greeting the day

 with gratefulness and curiosity!

Have you had a doga moment today?


Forever Connected, Forever Changed

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Awareness Centered Trainging (ACT)

New England Pet Partners

Pet Assisted Therapy

National Board of Certified Counselors

Assoc. Of Professional Dog Trainers

Intl. Assoc. Animal Behavior Consult.

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Living and learning with dogs and making a difference with pet assisted therapy (Sharing our Pets) is a lifelong passion / journey.

Over a life span we make many connections, some good, some not. Embrace the ones that give you hope, encouragement and accept all of you.

Choose to be connected, with an open-mind & heart, listen & support those who do the same.

My grandmother, Blanche Warnock McAllister repeatedly said, “There is nothing wrong with being different. It is what’s make you unique.”