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Breath Training - 4.6.8, Nose-to-Navel, Maureen Ross, MA, March 2012

Brain Training, Maureen Ross, MA , March 2012

Dogs Don’t Lie, Maureen Ross, MA January 2012

Relationship Performance Evaluation (RPE), Maureen Ross, MA November 2011

Effective Communication, Liha-L-Ligo, not a Hawaiian Cocktail, Maureen Ross, MA June 2011

Tia, Prancing in the Sky, Maureen Ross, MA  Feb 2011

Tia’s Legacy by Deb Silke Feb 2011

Dog as Translator - Reprinted May 2012 – Latham, Maureen Ross, MA July 2010  

Books and e-books

Awareness Centered Training - ACT, Maureen Ross, MA, Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, 2012

Train Your Dog, Change Your Life, Maureen Ross, MA (available on Kindle)

The Well-Connected Canine (Acupressure) Amy Snow

Energy Healing for your Dogs Nicole Wilde

Acupressure Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis

The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog: A Physical Therapy Approach Sasha and Ashley Foster

How to Stretch your Dog Healthy: A hands-on approach to natural care Raquel Wynn

Canine Massage: A complete reference manual, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt

The Healing Touch for Dogs: The Proven Massage Program for Dogs, Dr. Michael J. Fox

The Power of the Wagging Tail, Dr. Dawn Marcus

The Encyclopedia of Natural Health, C.J. Puotinen, Whole-Dog-Journal.


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