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Wagasana, greeting the day

 with gratefulness and curiosity!

Have you had a doga moment today?


The connection between human & dog is unique. Petting makes friends, massage is therapeutic.

This is something we can give to our dogs that makes us feel good too!

From the French word “Masser, “to stroke” massage is the manipulation of the physical and energetic body to increase circulation of blood, lymph and energy flow. Massage is non-verbal communication. With each compression and stroke, we squeeze the old blood and toxins out, allowing the flow of fresh blood and oxygen in! While there are many massage techniques that are therapeutic, I use Swedish (relaxation) massage, Sports Massage, Acupressure and Canine Stretch.

Swedish Massage is designed to energize, invigorate or “wake up” the body through increased blood circulation. It enhances relaxation, stress relief and pleasure.

Sports Massage focuses on muscles pertinent to particular physical activities. It utilizes classic Swedish Massage as well as techniques developed specifically for their beneficial impact on muscular tissue.

Acupressure moves and balances life force energy by applying gentle pressure, at specific points, along the meridian pathways. It relieves muscular pain, tension, increases circulation and treats a variety of ailments by balancing life force energy.

As with any form of exercise, it is essential to prepare oneself with breathing, and clearing away your stress, before touching another creature.  Warm up, stretch, breath deeply, and put a protective energy shield around yourself before massaging others.  

Anyone who has ever received a soothing neck rub or massage intuitively knows the pleasure of relief from muscles tension. Complemented by healthy breathing, exercise and nutrition, we can reduce stress and increase our overall well-being.  The relief comes from an increased flow of blood, oxygen and awareness. When the body (dog or human) is relaxed and aware, it will recover more quickly from overexertion, muscle soreness and stress. Behaviorally, there is less tendency to move into a flight or fright defense mechanism. Clarity increases and better decisions are made are made by the owner when both dog and owner are calmer.

Massage should not be used:

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