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Canine Stretch

Dogs can have high impact lifestyles (playing, running, pulling, jumping, chasing, sports). Like us, they experience joint degeneration, muscle pain, stress and general body break-down.

Over a lifetime, dogs lives are sadly compressed compared to ours. At 1-year, although a dog may seem fully grown, behaviorally they are more like at 15-year. Physically, full maturity is about 3 or 4, depending on genetics, environment and conditioning.

Genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger,

we make choices about our dog's health that often reflect our own ...

Like massage, canine stretch can enhance longevity and calm energy. It can strengthen the pet / human bond.

Benefits of Canine Stretch (and Massage) include but are not limited to:

Massage and Stretch should not be used:

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